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I have been drawing since I was 3 y.o."

Victor de France was born in Paris in 1967. His Mother Sylvie de France was doctor but also painter and pianist and his father Bao, was mathematic teacher... and vietnamese. This double culture influence has been a way to start being more open minded... and being gay has definitly determined him to follow his own way, independantly of patterns, preconceived ideas, and politically correct... According to Victor de France, the most restrictive social conditioning is not ... about sex !!! it's about Materialism . Our sociaty is focused on what we see, what we touch, what we own... the Matter is our sweet jail ... organic and inorganic .... but what about the immaterial, what we can't see, what is at the frontier of any Human Cousciousness.... Evolution may be here...


Services Overview

Interior Designer

" Home sweet Home" is the place to feel Happy. Whatever the square meters you may have, there are always solutions to give Space, Comfort, Athmosphere, Light ...


A website is a way to communicate all over the world. It is also the print you let in a Culture, in the memories of the next Generation.


You want to present something New? We show how it is Special.

Public Space Design

It may be your Restaurant, your Office, your Bar, your Shop ... The Design of this Place is a Double Mirror : People feel "Welcome", and feel "as well as Home".


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